Jerzy Straczynski

Certified bioenergytherapist


Warsaw, Poland tel. +48 693 055 929


Professional practice of more than twenty five years.

Healer, biotherapist, esotericist, psychotronicist, teacher of biotherapy and pedagogue. Graduated in the Warsaw University

A co-founder of the Polish Biotherapists' Association BIOPOL in Warsaw, a long time Vicepresident and an honorary member.Od szamanizmu do Bioenergoterapii. Jerzy Strączyński

Vicepresident of the Polish Association of Certified Bioenergytherapists in Warsaw and a member of the Polish Guild of Bioenergytherapists in Warsaw.

A propagator of natural medicine, biotherapy, psychotronics and other related spheres.

A writer and author of books "From Shamanism to Biotherapy" (Practice and Philosophy of Healing) read introduction and "HEALING. Tradition & Contemporaneity." (Methods, rituals and practice of cleansing, protecting, calming, energizing, healing and developing paranormal powers exercises).

A participant and a lecturer of many nationwide congresses, conferences, meetings and festivals as well as TV and radio talk-shows. An author of many articles and publications in mentioned subjects. His outline and achievements were presented in the CZWARTY WYMIAR (The Four Dimension), the UZDRAWIACZ (The Healer), the NIE Z TEJ ZIEMI (The Out of This World), the NIEZNANY ŚWIAT (The Unknown World), the WRÓŻKA (The Fortune-teller) magazines and in books.

A regular collaborator of the CZWARTY WYMIAR (The Four Dimension) and a consultant of the WRÓŻKA (The Fortune-teller) monthly magazines. Recommended by the UZDRAWIACZ (The Healer) magazine and the KULISY (The Coulisses) weekly as one of the top Polish healer.

Honoured by a number of diplomas and awards by the Polish Biotherapists' Association BIOPOL and the Federation of Dowsing Associations in Poland. Mentioned in the first Polish edition of WHO IS WHO.

A propagator of philosophy, culture, religion and spiritual traditions of Tibet - collaborates with the Museum of Asia and Pacific.

For more than ten years he has been engaged in yoga - in 1989 and 1991 sojourned in ashrams in India.

He engages meditation and is a disciple of Tenzin Wangyala Riponche Lama - a dzogchen master of Bon tradition - the oldest Tibetan spiritual tradition.

From 1994 till 1999 a lecturer of natural medicine in the Pedagogical College in Bydgoszcz and the Humanistic College in Pułtusk.

Since 1992 he has been giving theoretical and practical schooling in biotherapy and workshops for advanced biotherapists according to his own programme of selftraining or in the Professional Improvement Centre in Warsaw.

A teacher of biotherapy in the Educational Studies of Unconventional Acting and Thinking SENSODIUM and the Psychotronic Collegium in Warsaw as well as in the European Academy of Astropsychology in Łódź.

Professional courses in biotherapy are focused mainly on practical training in classic biotherapy and basic assumptions of diagnosis and therapy of so called "energetic medicine".

These courses in teaching methodology are based on lecturer's didactic experience and his practical knowledge comes from many years' practice and achievements proved by doctors and medical documentation.

Professional biotherapy courses

Professional biotherapy courses which are patronized by the Polish Association of Biotherapists BIOPOL in Warsaw take 60 hours. Most part of lessons is spent on practice i.e.:

  • methodics of conduct towards a patient,

  • basic principles of biotherapeutic procedure,

  • the use of own knowledge and learned technics in various ailments and diseases,

  • the use of other supporting technics,

  • principles of a correct therapeutic procedure by means of direct and remote methods for a physical, etheric and menthal body,

  • selected technics of energetic regeneration (yoga-meditation, respiration and relaxation technics),

  • mastering practical acquirements of working with physical, energetic, emotional and menthal body as well as visualization of aura,

  • getting acquainted with various technics of extrasensual perception,

  • energetic information in therapeutic process.

Theoretical part consists of:

  • basic assumptions of the "energetic model of life and health",

  • energetic model of a human body (chakras, energetic channels, subtle bodies, aura, general energy Field, single energy field, morphogenic fields etc.),

  • properties and functions of vital forces contained in energy of five elements,

  • energetic sensitivity in diagnostic and therapeutic processes,

  • natural medicine, healing and biotherapy from ancient times till the present days,

  • various energetic protections and work safety in biotherapy,

  • selected pieces of information on anatomy and physiology.

Professional practice

  • good results in direct and remote treatment,

  • energetic diagnosis and therapy in full sphere of subtle bodies with supporting methods,

  • during the procedure clearing of aura takes place as well as equalization of energetic and psychophysical levels and initiation of elimination process of symptoms and causes of a disease,

  • stimulation of immunologic system, metabolic, hormonal, emotional and psychical processes.

Beneficial biotherapeutic action applies to any affections and ailments, especially:

  • neuroses, phobias, depressions and acts destressingly,

  • rheumatic, articular, osseous and muscular ailments,

  • diseases of circulatory, hormonic, nervous etc. systems,

  • diseases of alimentary duct, ailments of lungs, heart, liver, stomach and kidneys,

  • headaches and rachialgia,

  • rehabilitation after haemorrage and infractions,

  • gynecopathies,

  • retardation of speech, noctural enuresis, concentration defects, hyperexcitability and other infantile ailments.


Od szamanizmu do Bioenergoterapii. Jerzy Strączyński***  

From Shamanism to Biotherapy
The practice and philosophy of healing




      For over twenty years, I have been involved in esotericism, natural medicine, biotherapy, energy work, yoga and meditation. For fifteen years, I have been teaching professional biotherapy training courses and workshops for biotherapists to help them refine their skills and broaden their knowledge of energy medicine. I have shared with my students mostly practical knowledge and shown them techniques which I have developed and tested over the course of my professional career.

      This book is based on the experience I have gained during that time, and the myriad number of questions I received from my course participants and readers of my articles, which appear in the monthly magazine ‘Czwarty Wymiar’*.

      I deliberately placed special emphasis on issues which are not commonly known, and those which, in my opinion, are of paramount importance for modern practicing biotherapists.   

      In the first part of this book, I refer to the knowledge and spiritual traditions of the Far East and the Eastern concept of medicine, which can be effectively used as a prophylactic in natural medicine. I have also raised several issues pertaining to ancient Tibetan traditional shamanism and the possibility of establishing positive relations with the natural world in order to improve the quality of people’s lives, general health and happiness.

      The second part of the book deals with issues related to biotherapy and healing. The third part deals with independently working with the body, energy and the mind.   

      This book has been written for anybody interested in natural medicine and esotericism. It will also be useful for beginner and advanced biotherapists and healers.

      In writing this book, I purposely omitted a lot of important subjects and issues – It was never my intention to cover all topics related to biotherapy.

      I am grateful to my teacher, the ‘Dzogczen Master’ Lama Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocze, and several other teachers from the Traditional Tibetan Bon and Buddhist traditions, for generously sharing with me a lot of innovative techniques and novel ways of working with energy, the elements of nature and certain aspects connected with shamanic knowledge.

      I would like to thank everybody who helped in the creation of this book. Above all, I would like to thank Lama Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocze. After a meditation session at Wilga Rinpocze two years ago, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpocze heard that I had planned to start writing a book after his departure. Upon hearing this news, he told me: “Not after my departure. Start now. Today. This moment”. Later that same evening, the first fragment of this book had been created. Less than one year later after that conversation, this book was completed.

I would especially like to thank Renia Marciniak-Kosmowska, the publisher and editor of ‘Czwarty Wymiar’ magazine, who helped bring this book into existence. Her concise remarks, opinions, suggestions and effort, have ensured this book is easy to understand and accessible for its readers.

I would like to thank Marlena Bobrowicz from Krakow for her help with writing the text, Piotr Wasyl for his consultations concerning the factual information contained in this book,and also my editor Malgorzata Sapinska for her patience and understanding.

I am also grateful to my travelling companion and outstanding photographer, Elzbieta Secztkowska, for allowing me to use her photograph from Tibet on the front cover of this book.

I would also like to thank my listeners, course and workshop participants, and readers of the monthly magazine ‘Czwarty Wymiar’ for their questions, comments and suggestions.

* Czwarty Wymiar (The Fourth Dimension) is a monthly magazine published in Poland.

Translated into English by Brett Smith

COPYRIGHT © Jerzy Strączyński